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SPIRAL Team has been restructured


SPIRAL : Software

Gb and FGb Software.

  • Web Page
  • Efficient computation of Grobner bases and polynomial system solving
  • Written in C and C++ by Jean-Charles Faugère.
  • Gb has received the Seymour Cray award in 1994.



The RAGLib library

  • Web Page.
  • Library for the study of real solutions of polynomial systems of equations and inequalities.
  • Written in Maple by Mohab Safey El Din.



The Epsilon library




  • Page Web.
  • Software for teaching recursive programmation in Scheme and the notion of process of evaluation.
  • Written by A. Brygoo, R. Durand, P. Manoury, C. Queinnec, M. Pelletier, M. Soria.

Le module SYM de MAXIMA.

  • Web Page
  • Efficient manipulations of symetric functions and computations of algebraic resolvants.
  • Written in Maxima and in Lisp by Annick Valibouze.
  • First included in the computer algebra system Macsyma-Symbolics, SYM is now distributed with Maxima , which is under licence GPL (see also the french version on the page of Michel Gosse ).